On Monday October 16th I was fortunate to receive your support to continue serving you for the next four years. Thank you.

Now that we have officially been sworn-in, I want to offer my thanks to a number of people. First, I must start by thanking my family who were not only very supportive throughout the campaign, but regularly helped out on the campaign. It’s impossible to connect with every single person but their help allowed me the opportunity to focus solely on meeting as many people as possible.

Kasey Machin is the best campaign manager a person could ask for. Her dedication, knowledge, and passion was evident every single day. She made it look effortless even though I know that she put in hundreds of hours and gave up a large amount of time with her family. The team she surrounded herself with is also a great example of her outstanding abilities. No person can be an expert in everything so having a team with a variety of skills is important to addressing any possible gaps. The final result would not have been as positive if it wasn’t for her incredible work.

Thank you to Cheryl who worked tirelessly in the Ward 1 office while I was away. It’s challenging enough to stay on top of everything when everyone is in the office but to provide such excellent service to the residents of Ward 1 with very limited support is something I’m incredibly thankful for.

The rest of the core campaign team (Amanda, Diana, Rabia, Jeff, Scott, and Bryan) brought their expertise and strong community connections to ensure that we had the necessary resources to connect with as many people as possible. Thank you to all six of them for dedicating so much time to helping the campaign.

While I wish I could name every single person who supported the campaign, this post would become far too long. But I do want to thank every person who came out to events, shared campaign posts on social media, put up/took down lawn signs, delivered campaign literature, spent some time door-knocking, etc. No person can run a campaign alone and it means a great deal to me that you chose to volunteer your time to help me.

I also want to thank Randy Allen, Reuben Avellana, and Dave Olivier for putting their names forward. We all want the same thing, to help build an even better city. While we may have disagreed on certain aspects of how to do that, there were other items we shared similar opinions on. I would like to work with the three of them to try and bring forward some of the ideas they campaigned on. Thank you for presenting your ideas and for a very respectful campaign.

Finally, I want to thank everyone in Ward 1. Whether you voted for me or not, I am very thankful for the many conversations we had at the doors. Your feedback helped to inform many of the ideas that I put forward in my platform. I look forward to working together with you to bring these ideas to life. The last four years have been incredible and I’m very fortunate to be able to serve you in this role for the next four years. It’s going to be a great journey and I thank you again for this opportunity.


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