The latest Capital Projects update was provided to the public this week and includes details on the scope, schedule, and budget of each Integrated Infrastructure Services (IIS) managed project.  Except for projects related to land, equipment, and information technology, the IIS Department is responsible for managing all substantive capital infrastructure projects within the 2019-22 Capital Budget.  

As of June 30, 94% of our 280 capital projects are on or under budget, and 84% of those are on or ahead of schedule. This is an increase of 6% for the projects on schedule and an increase of 2% for the projects on budget. All of this means we are trending in the right direction and the efforts to improve our project management delivery system seem to be working.  

You can see project details, asset type, as well as information on how status updates are measured on the City of Edmonton’s Building Edmonton map. You can also view projects happening right in your neighbourhood to see project timeline and contact information for the respective project manager.  As always, you can contact me anytime to discuss this or any other topic.

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