When is the next Community Conversation? Expand

All Ward 1 residents are invited to attend Community Conversations where I provide updates on current issues in Ward 1. You have an opportunity to ask questions and bring up concerns in your communities.

Over the past year, I have been holding virtual Community Conversations every week.  I’ll keep you informed over Facebook and Twitter with dates and times.  I hope you can join in!

Why should I call 311? Expand

311 is Edmonton’s non-emergency phone line for City government information and services. It provides residents, businesses and visitors with ease of access through a central point of contact for their city needs. It helps the City of Edmonton to recognize and prioritize actions based on the number of similar complaints. It also helps to track your inquiry by providing you with a reference number.

Connect to 311 on-line here to see how this service can work for you.

Please remember that 311 does not replace 911. If you have an emergency situation, call 911 for assistance. The non-emergency number for the Police is 780-423-4567.

How do I report a pothole? Expand

The City of Edmonton website has a page set up to report a pothole. Your feedback on roadway concerns helps us keep our roadways safe and efficient. We appreciate your help in reporting problems as you encounter them. Your report is sent directly to Roadway Maintenance personnel who will dispatch it for inspection and repair. Complete the form Report a Pothole or call 311.

Where do I find Council minutes and agendas? Expand

Agendas, minutes, and schedules for Council meetings, committee meetings, and public hearings are available online here.

How do I contact the Alberta Government and my MLA? Expand

The Government of Alberta (provincial) can be reached by phoning 780-310-0000. More information and a listing of the government ministries can be found on their website at Government of Alberta.

Listed below are other MLAs that overlap with Ward 1.  To find out who your MLA is, go to Elections Alberta.

The MLA for Edmonton-West Henday is Jon Carson.

The MLA for Edmonton-Glenora is Sarah Hoffman.

The MLA for Edmonton-McClung is Lorne Dach.

The MLA for Edmonton-Riverview is Lori Sigurdson.

When will my neighbourhood be cleared of snow? Expand

For a full explanation of Edmonton’s winter street clearing plans, including a link to sign up for email alerts on all road maintenance work in Edmonton click here  This season, areas that for whatever reason could not be completed on their designated days will be finished over the course of the weekend instead of having crews return the following week. Roadway Maintenance will send a Public Service Announcement and post online which neighbourhoods were not completed and where crews will be returning on Saturday and Sunday to finish.

  • Blading is on the same day of the week all winter in your area.
  • Your snow day will be on the schedule when you use the address lookup tool.
  • Crews can be on your street any time during the 24 hours designated.
  • Make sure they have complete and clear access to the roads during your area’s snow day.

Neighbourhoods are bladed based on their maintenance area which is different from neighbourhood boundaries. You can use the maps to find out what your maintenance area and week day is for neighbourhood blading.

We’ve included a map of all Ward 1 neighbourhoods for easy reference with a list outlining each area below.

Monday: Aldergrove, Belmead, Breckenridge Greens, LaPerle, Potter Greens, Rosenthal, Secord, Stewart Greens, Suder Greens, Summerlea, Terra Losa, Webber Greens.

Tuesday: Glenwood (West of 163st), Jasper Park, Meadowlark Park, Parkview, Sherwood, West Meadowlark Park.

Wednesday: Glenwood (East of 163st). Britannia Youngstown, Crestwood, Mayfield.

Thursday: Canora, High Park, West Jasper Place.

Friday: Big Lake, Hawks Ridge, Kinokamau Plains, Starling, Trumpeter.