Since the re-organization and project management changes over the past three years, Council has been receiving updates on our significant Capital Projects three times a year. Significant capital projects included all projects over $20 million.  This approach enabled Council to monitor projects more effectively, improve communication between departments and Council, and provide better information to residents of Edmonton on the progress of our capital projects.

While these reports were effective and I feel improved the management of our capital projects, we also felt it was important to include other infrastructure projects in our reporting in order to provide more thorough information to Council and residents. Starting Q1 2018, the reports will include all Integrated Infrastructure Services managed projects which are:

  • Growth projects over $2 million or
  • Renewal projects over $5 million or
  • Significant previous or planned public engagement or
  • Politically sensitive

The really great thing is that anyone can access this information anytime through the Building Edmonton Map  which lists both the Standalon(an individual initiative at a distinct location) and Composite (this includes a number of projects that are being delivered as part of an overall program of work) projects throughout Edmonton. By clicking on a project icon on the map, you will see a brief description of the project including scope, schedule, budget, asset type and location for the planned work. You can narrow your search even further by geographic area, asset type, or phase of completion.

Of the 135 standalone projects included in the Q1 2018 report, 82% of the projects are on or ahead of schedule and 98% of the projects are on budget at the end of Q1.

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