Three times a year there is an update on the status of significant capital projects. In interest of keeping you informed about how the city is doing around project management, I have provided updates on the results so you can keep track of our performance and ask any questions. Instead of writing a completely new post every time, I wanted to keep some of what was written in the past and provide the most recent results and a few additional comments.

Today, at the City Council meeting on September 12, 2017 administration provided us with an update on our Capital Projects.  You can read the full report (item 6.2) and all 5 attachments here. You’ll find a list of all 107 projects with detailed descriptions of the scope of work, contributing factors to delays and cost overages as well as solutions to mitigate these. The latest results show as of June 30, 2017 that most of our significant capital projects are on or ahead of schedule (85%) and within or under budget (93%).  

Over the past two years since the re-organization and project management changes, these numbers have stayed consistent.  While there are still some select issues that remain, many of the changes that have come into effect have helped to create a new culture that has proper focus on oversight and project management. I am confident this approach has and will continue to enable Council to monitor projects more effectively, improve communication between departments and Council, and provide better information to residents of Edmonton on the progress of our capital projects. For a full summary of the staffing, reporting and process changes that have been made over the last few years, please read my posts from February and July  



Written by A. Knack and K. Machin

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