Earlier this week our Community and Public Services Committee made a recommendation to City Council around the public consumption of Cannabis. You can review the entire report here. The video below provides a breakdown of the 2 options being considered. Please take a few minutes to watch the video.

Next Steps

As mentioned in the video, option 2 was recommended. Draft amendments to the Public Places Bylaw will be discussed by all of City Council in July. This allows us to consider option 1 or a hybrid of the two options. I would like your thoughts on the various options. Which option do you prefer? If you think a hybrid would be better, what does that combination look like?

One final note, the report talks about the possibility of aligning the public tobacco consumption rules with the cannabis rules. The reason for this is because from a distance, it may be challenging to determine which substance is being used. I think there is a strong case to connect the two together but it would be more challenging if option 1 was selected. I would also like your thoughts on this specific issue as I believe this needs to be discussed at the same time. You can also fill out an online survey  until July 3rd. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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