“Every City project is completed late and over-budget.” It’s a statement I hear quite often but it’s also demonstrably false. Over the years, I have written regularly about the changes that have been made in how the City manages projects. You can read my latest blog post from December which details these changes and outlines what the City is doing to ensure projects are being managed appropriately.

As you will have read, there have been many significant changes since 2015 and we are able to closely monitor the impact of those changes. The purpose of this blog is to share the new and improved Building Edmonton website which was developed to help inform Edmontonians about the current infrastructure projects occurring across the city.

Right at the top of the page you can see how many projects are on or ahead of schedule (currently 78%) and how many are on or under budget (currently 92%). By using the interactive map, you can learn more about a specific project including the delivery timeline and budget. It is updated quarterly to show how these infrastructure projects are progressing in the phases of the Project Development and Delivery Model (PDDM) from the early phases in Planning and Design (Develop) to the later phases of Build (Deliver).

The Building Edmonton website also provides a more detailed description of the PDDM process. This process primarily took effect during this capital budget cycle (2019-2022) and is expected to help improve the current results of projects being delivered on schedule and on budget. This blog post from March breaks out the older projects being developed prior to PDDM from the current projects under the current model. While there’s a more limited number of those new projects, the initial results are encouraging.

There has been a focus on improvements in transparent communication with City Council, the management of strategic risks, and enhancing relationships with industry partners. These shifts in our project management process work towards the goal of inspiring the trust of Edmontonians in the delivery of infrastructure projects. I encourage you to check out the website and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out anytime.




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    • Ricco on July 6, 2020 at 11:20 pm

      How is NW Division coming along Andrew? Still leaking and sinking?

      • Andrew Knack on July 7, 2020 at 5:01 pm

        Thanks for the question. The full status can be found on the Building Edmonton website but the short answer is we are in the process of getting the roof fixed. Thanks again for the question and have a great day.

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