I am extremely pleased to report that the Office of the City Auditor has confirmed they will be undertaking an extensive productivity review this upcoming year as part of the 2020 Annual Work Plan. Similar to the last review done in 2013, this review will include performance and productivity measurements by department, corporate results and productivity trends, and employment ratios.

Performance and productivity measurement systems are designed to ensure that desired outcomes are continually achieved in an effective and efficient manner. Effectively using these measurement tools allows us to prioritize the best use of our limited public resources. Efficiency, effectiveness, and the economy are important contributors to attain the best possible outcomes. Other key factors include accountability and commitment to continuous improvement by all. 

Our 2013 City Productivity Audit included information regarding total staffing numbers by branch and department but did not break down those numbers by wage or management group. I have been serving on the Audit Committee since 2013 and have heard from several people that our staff-to-management ratios should be included in the productivity audit.This topic came up most recently during budget deliberations last year when some of our union members expressed a desire to see these results as well. So when the City Auditor arranged meetings with each member of the Audit Committee to discuss the work plan for 2020, I asked that these metrics be included as well, as did many of my colleagues.  

I feel this needs a more in-depth and unbiased analysis that could inform any possible changes needing to take place. Analyzing the underlying reasons for performance changes needs to be an integral part of the audit and subsequent outcomes to ensure we are getting value for our money. I look forward to seeing the results in 2020.

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