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Budget 2019 – Highlights and Conclusion

After months of analyzing, asking questions, and debating, City Council has wrapped up debate on the 2019 – 2022 Operating and Capital Budget. This budget will shape the way Edmonton grows over the next four years. Over 150 Edmontonians came out to speak at the Public Hearing on the budget. We heard about the need…

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Back Alley Renewal Strategy

Of the 1,175 kms of back alley roads here in Edmonton, two-thirds are listed in poor or very poor condition. This is something I’ve heard from residents both while campaigning and during my time as Councillor. I would suggest it’s the most common complaint our office receives and yet it’s one that did not have…

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Back Alley Renewal

While I was door knocking during my campaign, I spoke with many residents who were concerned with the shape their back alleys were in, and rightfully so. Many of our back alleys in Edmonton are in need of major resurfacing., so I put forth an inquiry in 2014 for Administration to provide a report on…

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