Bryan Sandilands


President – Parkview Community League

“Ward 1 has become accustomed to strong leadership. We are engaged citizens and active constituents who demand excellence from our representatives. Andrew Knack has been an excellent representative and voice in City Council for our families, friends, and neighbours here in the city’s northwest. Be it neighbourhood traffic-calming, concerns with housing developments, or ensuring recreational, educational, and emergency services for new and mature neighbourhoods, Andrew has successfully advocated our issues, ensuring attention, action and resources are brought to bear, while being responsible to taxpayers and the public purse.”

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Past President – Secord Community League

“I find him to be extremely future-focused…he’s thinking 5, 10, 20 years down the road ‘what would be best for this city?'”


President – Crestwood Community League

“Andrew sees the bigger picture. He doesn’t just focus on the Ward 1 residents, he focuses on the entire best interests of the city.”


Vice President – Meadowlark Community League

“Andrew Knack is the most engaged, hardworking and accessible politician I have ever met in Canadian politics. His work ethic, authenticity and honesty are unmatched. I’ve spoken to Andrew on my door step, on the ravine trail while he was biking to work and even at our neighbourhood block party. Andrew listens carefully to the communities and constituents he represents and then brings our voice to council. Help us send Andrew Knack back to City Hall this October. “

Brandon Beringer


“One of the most exciting things about Andrew is that he reminds you that you have a voice, and he takes the time as your city councillor to listen.”