Campaign 2017

Thank You

On Monday October 16th I was fortunate to receive your support to continue serving you for the next four years. Thank you. Now that we have officially been sworn-in, I want to offer my thanks to a number of people. First, I must start by thanking my family who were not only very supportive throughout…

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Campaign Disclosure

As promised I have disclosed all donations made to my campaign for the 2017 election below.  I made a commitment to do this for a number of reasons and while it significantly reduced my campaign budget, I am very happy with my decision.  I can say unequivocally that every donation made meant a great deal…

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Campaign Donations

One year ago I wrote about Municipal Campaign Finance Reform in response to this motion City Council passed on July 8th, 2015: That the Mayor write a letter and/or advocate to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Premier: Requesting that the city be given be the ability to independently establish campaign finance and disclosure rules…

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