As promised I have disclosed all donations made to my campaign for the 2017 election below.  I made a commitment to do this for a number of reasons and while it significantly reduced my campaign budget, I am very happy with my decision.  I can say unequivocally that every donation made meant a great deal to me and my campaign team and we appreciate their generosity.

NameAmount Donated
Jackie Foord$200.00
Mike macKell$150.00
Amanda Dunlop$80.00
Betty Sparling$50.00
Bob Westbury$1,000.00
Susan Querengesser$50.00
Jenny Adams$250.00
Nancly MacDonald$250.00
Shaun Boyle$50.00
Caitlyn Fleming$20.00
Delbert Dahl$100.00
Dylan Kelley$250.00
Cameron Naqvi$500.00
Ronald Johnson$250.00
Salima Kheraj$250.00
Nicole Maurer$250.00
Kathleen McFetridge$500.00
Peter Cavanagh$500.00
Cecilia Baxter$75.00
Michel St. Pierre$100.00
Dan St. Pierre$350.00
Leo Tang$5.00
David Shepherd$100.00
Kiir Koroyom$100.00
Jonathon Carson$50.00
Michael Vivian$50.00
Jane Purvis$50.00
Denis Cote$100.00
Catherine Gunn$100.00
Karima Gangji$200.00
Samual Goertz$65.00
Damian Rogers$10.00
Kathleen and Terry Howlett$50.00
Shamim and Zul Jiwan$100.00
Naznin and Alikhan Hasham$100.00
Sameer and Salima Thawer$100.00
Mansur Punja$100.00
Afzal and Rosie Amlani$100.00
Altaf and Zahra Somani$500.00
Nigar and Siraz Pirani$1,000.00
Heather McIntyre$20.00
Michael Bowman$500.00
Madhu Sood$50.00
John Day$299.00
Leo Tang$20.00
Ruth Lysak-Martynkiw$50.00
Paul Andrews$150.00
Navtejpal S Bhandal$1,000.00
Joe Koopmans$75.00
Marguerite Childs$100.00
Jeff Sparks$1.00
Genna DiPinto$11.20
Thomas Banks$16.51
Steve Bensen$40.00
Linda Pettit$40.00
Ray Menard$53.60
Diana Steele$80.11
Nikos Kioussis$100.00
Armaan Somani$100.11
Margaret Knack$150.00
Heather MacKenzie/Justin Wheler$150.00
Anand Pye$150.00
Betty McNish$160.22
Jenny Morrow$186.71
John Villanueava$186.71
Cheryl Vesseur$360.22